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    Marjolein Wagter
    ’t Zand 21
    3811 GB Amersfoort, the Netherlands
    + 31 614189536 / +31 33 4751923



    Compagnie with balls sends many thanks to:

    • Ayla Verheijen for the original website
    • John Kessels for website advice and maintenance
    • Marijke Ottema for making the video of the World Wanderer
    • Rijnko for the costume of the pieten pop
    • Rob, Roos and Sara Wagter, for the help with making of the first ball and second puppet
    • Gilles Candela and Leigh Banks for their formal contribution to Compagnie with Balls
    • Atelier Liesje and het mobiele naaiatelier for the costumes
    • Les grandes personnes: Olivier Hagenloch en Brigitte Keinborg for building the 1st puppet (Vladce)
    • Nynke Kuipers for the design of the logo and the flyer
    • Pjotr Wiese for designing and managing the website
    • Circuswerkplaats Boost, for directing advice


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